Body Back

The Body Back programme is an all-new online programme designed by Lisa in collaboration with a few top wellness experts (such as Claire Julsing Strydom, former ADSA president). This programme is aimed at mothers at any stage of their journey looking to get their bodies back into shape! The programme focuses on nutrition, wellness and fitness and includes the following:

  • Personalised meal plans tailored to preference
  • A variety of easy and delicious recipes
  • A detailed and varied HIIT-based training programme, tailored for new moms
  • Weekly newsletters, including nutritional tips, video demonstrations, as well as words of wisdom from Lisa Raleigh herself, aimed to keep moms motivated throughout the programme.

Lisa wants you to be a part of a bigger community during your Body Back journey. Sign up therefore earns you access to an online platform where you may submit any questions, motivation or inspiration your may have. Your Body Back begins when you purchase the programme, and therefore can be started on any date you choose.