Join Lisa Raleigh for a Unique Mommy Meet Up

26 Sep 2017

Are you feeling physically and emotionally overwhelmed with your new role as a mother? It’s okay. Motherhood is a beautiful mess of contradictions. One minute you might be feeling on top of the world and so in love with your little one, and the next, you might want to hide, sleep (because all moms need to catch up on some zzz’s) or run away because it’s all consuming and you need a break.

As women in the 21st Century, we put endless pressure on ourselves to be the best mothers, partners, friends and work colleagues.  We meet deadlines and make decisions- every single day. We’re asked to bend without breaking, to be “on” all the time and to do so as consistently as possible. The truth is, as wonderful as motherhood is, it’s also life-changing in so many ways- and we need the time and space to adjust and catch our breath.  

Lisa opens up about her motherhood journey so far

As a busy working mother herself, no one knows better than Lisa Raleigh – who welcomed her first child, Bella Sky into the world in July 2016 – what an overwhelming journey motherhood can be.

“When I was pregnant with Bella, I had a very different idea of what I thought motherhood was, and what it would entail,” says Lisa. “I knew it wasn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows but nothing prepared me for the hard reality of this new role. It was only after I gave birth that I realised how much goes unsaid and how little anyone prepares you for motherhood.

“People tell you about Mastitis, that you’ll be retaining water, etc., but the reality is far more brutal. Physically, you have to recover from child birth; if you’re breastfeeding – your breasts are leaking milk constantly, you’re bleeding, and your hormones are all over the place… And on the emotional side, so little is said about postpartum depression and anxiety, juggling motherhood with work, or not falling in love with your baby straight away but growing into love with them only when they start reciprocating…

A village for moms

“My first few months of motherhood were a dark time for me, and now that I’ve overcome these hurdles, I want to pay it forward by creating a space for other moms who are struggling. For me, my Mommy Meet Ups are all about connecting other moms, uplifting them, empowering them, getting them to try new things, as well as being able to speak about the elephant in the room,” says Lisa.

Join Lisa at the next Mommy Meet Up in Johannesburg

Lisa will be hosting a fun-filled morning tea for moms, alongside psycho-therapist Hanlie Raath and radio personality and new mom, Pabi Moloi.

The morning will be packed with family-friendly recipe demonstrations, beauty workshops and inspirational talks on finding balance and aligning success with love. With your ticket purchase, you’ll also receive FREE recipe booklets and a goodie bag.

When: 21 October

Where: Season’s Cuisine, 453 Main Road, Bryanston

Time: 8.30 for 9am-11am

Cost: R250 per person