Mom Must-Haves for Nappy Changes

23 Oct 2017

Overwhelmed with the sheer number of nappies you have to change and little bums you have to wipe, and of course, the inevitable smell that comes with it? Good news, we’ve found two new mom-must haves to make nappy changing that little bit more pleasant. 

Trying to gather (and remember) all the things you need for your new baby can be stressful, whether it’s the first, second or even third time round! And while you’re focusing on the essential items such as a diaper bag, new stroller and cot or crib, there’s a few lesser-known gems which help to make the first year or two of motherhood that much easier.

Nappy essentials

One product new mom and founder of Mumentoes, Lisa Raleigh can’t live without is a good nappy deodorizer… because let’s face it, in the early days, little one’s can have anything from 5-10 bowel movements in a day- which can generate some nasty smells! The Fresh Nappy Soiled Nappy Deodorizer has a permanent place in Lisa’s nappy bag. Here’s why:

It’s an effective odour neutraliser. “Whether I’m at a friend’s house for a play date and need to do a quick nappy change or just at home with Bella, I always spray her nappies with this product and it works like a charm,” says Lisa.

It’s convenient to use out and about. Lisa’s often had to change Bella’s nappy in the park or on the beach where there’s often no bins right nearby. In situations like these, the Fresh Nappy Deodorizer is a life-saver because the nappy doesn’t stink out the entire nappy bag while you’re on the go.

It’s made with NO nasty chemicals. “This is important to me,” says Lisa who avoids spraying anything hazardous around Bella or in her home. All ingredients in this product are manufactured by a CTFA-approved chemist and are completely safe for families.

It’s affordable. Yep, we know nappy bins work but they’re also pretty expensive. And the liners you have to keep buying add up to. The beauty about this product is that it’s affordable, yet effective and you can literally take it anywhere.

TOP TIP: For best results, simply spray the soiled nappy directly with the Nappy Spray, wrap it up and dispose in your usual way. If your little one is producing particularly stinky poops, you can also spray the nappy bin and the wipes you dispose. This will help to keep the bathroom odour-free.

For moms

There’s another handy product in this range called Fresh Flush- and it’s great for busy moms on the go. Lisa keeps hers in her handbag as it works wonders to eliminate odours from toilet bowls, regardless of where you are. “It has a fresh citrus scent that smells way better than public toilets,” adds Lisa.

It’s wise to practise good hygiene at all times and this product is something to keep in your handbag, especially if you share an office or work space with a group of people or you’re at a party, shopping mall or restaurant.

It’s also ideal to keep in your sports bag if you’re into road or cycling races. There’s nothing worse than those public cubicles everyone uses before the start of the race. They’re full of unpleasant odours and are generally packed with germs. Fresh Flush is made with light mineral oil, water and a blend of fragranced oils so it works fast to trap offensive smells.

The best way to use Fresh Flush is to spray 5-6 times in the toilet bowl before using the toilet. It works by creating a barrier and holding the nasty odour until you flush – and then releases a light fragrant scent afterwards.

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