30 day Rebounding Plan + Downloads + Rebounder

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30-day Workout Plan, Downloads + rebounder

Get your rebounder & the perfect to plan to get using it!! This is perfect for a mother, hard-working women, someone who is going to purchase a rebounder and flourish with a plan of action!

What it includes:
1X LR Rebounder
1X 30 day rebounding plan: This will show you when to train and which routine to do – also a column for you to tick off each day
30 x downloadable workouts ranging from 10-min to 30-min

Print your plan, download your workouts and you good to go!

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Get rebounding fit in just 30 days with our rebounding plan!

List of workouts in this bundle:

  1. 10-minute Beginner Rebounding Workout (@R20)
  2. 15-minute Easing in Beginners Rebounding Workout With Freddy (@R30)
  3. 10-minute Cardio Burn Rebounding Workout (@R20)
  4. 15-minute Ripped Rebounding Workout With Freddy (@R30)
  5. 10-minute Lower Body Power Rebounding Workout (@R20)
  6. 15-minute Full Body Blast Beginners Rebounding Workout with Freddy (@R30)
  7. 10-minute Starter Rebounding Workout with Freddy (@R20)
  8. 15-minute Jump Rebounding Workout with Freddy (@R30)
  9. 20-minute Lower Body Burn Rebounding Workout with Freddy (@R40)
  10. 18-minute Lower Body Love Rebounding Workout (@R40)
  11. 18-minute Upper Body Blast Rebounding Workout (@R40)
  12. 20-minute Get Stronger Rebounding Beginner Workout With Freddy (@R40)
  13. 18-minute Tone It Up Rebounding Workout (@R40)
  14. 15-minute Quick Sticks Rebounding Workout with Freddy (@R30)
  15. 20-minute Fit and Fabulous Workout (@R40)
  16. 20-minute Tone and Trim rebounding workout with Freddy (@R40)
  17. 20-minute Upper Body and Cardio Burn Beginner Rebounding Workout with Freddy (@R40)
  18. 30-minute Be Your Best Workout (@R60)
  19. 30-minute Accelerate Cardio Workout with Freddy (@R60)
  20. 30-minute Cardio Blast Beginners Workout with Freddy (@R60)
  21. 20-minute Upper Body and Cardio Burn Workout Beginner (@R40)
  22. 40-minute Bounce Fit Rebounding Workout (@R80)
  23. 30-minute Body Burn Rebounding Workout (@R60)
  24. 30-minute Full Body Fitness Beginners workout with Freddy (@R60)
  25. 40-minute Lean Machine Rebounding Workout (@R80)
  26. 30-minute Bounce Rebounding Workout (@R60)
  27. 30-minute Feel Good Workout (@R60)
  28. 30-minute Full Blast Rebounding Workout (@R60)
  29. 40-minute Fitness Bunny Rebounding Workout (@R80)
  30. 30-minute Bounce Queen Rebounding Workout (@R60)


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