Health Bounce Pro Rebounder


Not only does regular rebounding offer incredible cardio and strength building benefits, this type of movement also assists with weight loss and lymph drainage. Download your FREE Bounce Back manual here:


Say YES to the incredible power of rebounding. This piece of equipment has the power to:

  • Strengthen and tone with ZERO impact
  • Promote weight-loss
  • Support the body’s natural detox processes and lymph drainage
  • Boost circulation
  • Tauten the skin (massive anti-ageing benefit)
  • Burn more calories per minute than most other cardio options
  • Bust cellulite

Our high quality world class rebounder has been designed to offer you a convenient, effective workout every time, thanks to its unique features;

  • Easy foldable base and frame
  • Quality mat with yellow edge safety indicator
  • Jumbo springs which are secured onto the frame
  • 6 spring loaded legs, attached to the frame with steel bolts
  • Optional extra accessories with include: an instruction manual, support bars and a lightweight carry bag so you can train anywhere

You also get four FREE video workouts with your purchase (be sure to check out others available for purchase on our store). Download your FREE Bounce Back manual here: 

Additional information

Weight 16 kg


  1. Kamini Naran

    Just started using my rebounder and loving it. Thanku so much

  2. nicolatweed (verified owner)

    My sister-law told me about the wonders of rebounding about 6 months ago so I did my research and was excited to see that Lisa Raleigh loved it too. I was hesitant at first to spend more money on ‘another’ piece of exercise equipment but honestly this has been such a game changer!

    I’ve loved my rebounder from the moment I opened and set it up (which btw is super easy to do!) and I was absolutely finished after just a 10 minute workout but now almost 2 months later I can go up to about 30 minutes and have seen such a change in my abs and butt – whoop whoop – and that’s without really trying!

    What I love the most about the rebounder is how easy it is to store away and how even just 5 minutes a day can make a difference, oh and did I tell how much of an awesome endorphin rush it gives you?!

    Rebounding is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like you are exercising!

  3. Kendra Neethling

    Absolutely love my rebounder – it’s tons of fun, making working out something I want to do! My whole body has changed since rebounding!

  4. Alison Martinson

    My family and friends gave me a rebounder for my birthday, what an awesome present! My sister had always raved about how amazing it was so I was very excited to get bouncing. I love how you can exercise anywhere at home and also how after just 10 minutes you really feel like you have had a good workout. My children have also been rebounding and loving it too! I can’t wait to build up to the longer workouts. Its been a great tool to get my body stronger and help with running. I can highly recommend it!

  5. Helene Malan (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my rebounder, now up to 40 min sessions. It’s a great cardio as well as resistance workout. Love having fun while getting fit and toned!

  6. Samantha Braithwaite

    Absolutely loving my rebounder!
    I love the convenience of doing such an effective work out in the comfort of my own home, and also, every now an then, in my pjs! I am feeling a difference and look forward to doing longer work outs and adding more accessories.
    My 2 year old daughter, who has her own trampoline by the way, loves jumping on my Lisa Raleigh one instead.

    Best decision yet!

  7. Elize Meyer (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and excellent service! Received my rebounder the following day. Thank you!!!

  8. Penelope Howie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my Rebounder!! Such fun and such convenience!! From the first workout – I could feel my muscles working and it is a great addition to my usual running!! I couldn’t recommend it more!!

  9. Adri du Preez

    I always used a mini trampoline as part of my excersise routine, i could not afford a rebounder at the time. My husband bought me one for my birthday this year & it cant be compared! The bounce is amazing, i just cant get enough! Also love the Lisa Raleigh workouts & try to get a few new ones every month.

  10. Melllisa Loots

    I ABSOLUTELY love my rebounder, i have been using it for just over a month now and i am truly addicted!

    I love the fact that its easy to carry around and move to where i want to be but most of all l like how quiet it is, i do my morning sessions in my PJ’s (who wants to wake up earlier to get dressed for gym) before my daughter wakes up.

    I have also purchased some of the exercises and boy oh boy i love them… i am still only able to do 15 – 20 minutes at a time but slow and steady wins the race.

    Thank you Lisa for getting me back to healthy living.

  11. Stefanie van eeden (verified owner)

    Being a mom of three I have next to no time to exercise. After looking for a exercise plan which is fun easy and not time consuming I came across rebounding on Liza’s Page. First I was skeptical how can I loose weight jumping up and down . I browsed through a few internet videos just to see if this is going to work for me.

    After deciding this is what I wanted I purchased my rebounder

    And I love it! I can whip it out anywhere its easy to assemble and dissemble . I jump on it first thing in the morning and in a few weeks I have seen noticeably changes ! ITS FUN
    and the exercise videos are so easy to follow too.
    Thank you for this amazing product

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