Love Yourself More: Rebounder + Memory Stick

R3,649.00 R2,999.00

Exercise should be fun. Learn to love your workouts again with the LR rebounder, complete with 50 video workouts on a memory stick.


Getting results doesn’t have to be hard. Or boring. Sculpt the strong, toned, healthy body you want with this Under the Tree Special Package – just in time for summer!

Your order comes with:

  • LR rebounder
  • Memory stick with +50 varied video workouts

Now for R2999 (valued at R3649 – you save R650)

Looking for a fun, safe and easy way to lose weight, build strength and detox your entire body? It’s time to bounce your way to better health

Did you know that rebounding burns more calories than jogging in as little as 10 minutes a day? It’s also an effective strength building workout but with virtually no impact so it’s kind to your joints and muscles.

Our fabulous kit is jam packed with everything you need to start your exciting, new fitness programme right away.

Not only will you gain incredible cardio and strength building benefits, this type of movement also assists with weight loss and lymph drainage which gives your immune system a boost – just in time for winter!

Download your FREE Bounce Back manual here:

Happy bouncing!

*Return policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase- we will refund the full cost if re-packed correctly in it’s original packaging and returned to Lisa Raleigh in a new and unused condition- within 7 days of your documented receipt of the unit.  Any and all delivery costs incurred to send and return the  goods must be paid for by the consumer. This refund excludes any and all courier postage costs (for receiving and returning)- and refunds will not be given if the unit has been accidentally or deliberately damaged or amended in any way whatsoever by the consumer. There will be no refund for any downloadable items or Memory Stick.

*Memory stick is not returnable so the full value of the memory stick will be deducted from your refund (R1399)


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