Memory Stick Workout Bundle

R1,399.00 R999.00

Make the most of your rebounder with a bank of 50 fun, varied and challenging rebounding video workouts.

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When it comes to reaching your workout goals, variety is essential. Enjoy a wealth of different rebounding workouts that vary in length, fitness focus and intensity, stored in convenient USB form. Blast those abs with core-crunching workouts, sculpt your upper body or build that booty. These video workouts are most effective when used in conjunction with key equipment, which you’ll find in our Accessory kit.  However, equipment is not essential.


  1. Lauren Drennan

    Wow! I’m spoilt for choice with over 50 rebounder workouts to choose from! As a full-time working Mother, I have officially run out of excuses not to exercise! If 5 minutes is all the time I have, the 5 minute rebounder workouts are all I need to feel energised and amped for the day. The workouts are challenging and so much fun!

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