Parkhurst Rebounding Fitness Classes- Bring your own rebounder


Build strength, burn calories and have fun! Bounce your way to your dream body. Join Lisa in Parkhurst for exhilarating rebounding classes.



Rebounding is more than just a workout. It offers an incredible health boost for the whole system. It supports the body’s natural detox processes, boosts circulation (therefore reducing cellulite!) sculpts a strong core, and tones incredibly.

Class details:

  • 45 min session
  • Classes take place at the Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre- 67 10th Street Parkhurst
  • Times/days to be booked on Boxchamp app
  • Once you have purchased sessions they will be loaded onto an account for you with Box Champ. You can then select the sessions you would like to do
  • This rate cheaper as you will need to bring your own rebounde


Get motivated with great music, exciting workouts and excellent results. Finally – fitness meets fun!


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