New Year, New You: Rebounder + Resistance band + Sistema Bottle

R2,470.00 R2,250.00

A great special to start you off on the right foot! New year and the New YOU!

You will get: 1X LR Rebounder + 1X 800ml Sistema Bottle + 1X Biogen Resistance Band

WAS: R2470 NOW: R2250 SAVE: R220


This order includes:

  • 1 x Lisa Raleigh branded rebounder
  • 1X Biogen Resistance Band
  • 1X Sistema Bottle (Colour is random and cannot be selected)

Not only does regular rebounding offer incredible cardio and strength building benefits, this type of movement also assists with weight loss and lymph drainage

Say YES to the incredible power of rebounding. This piece of equipment has the power to:

  • Strengthen and tone with ZERO impact
  • Promote weight-loss
  • Support the body’s natural detox processes and lymph drainage
  • Boost circulation
  • Tauten the skin (massive anti-ageing benefit)
  • Burn more calories per minute than most other cardio options
  • Bust cellulite

Our high quality world class rebounder has been designed to offer you a convenient, effective workout every time, thanks to its unique features;

  • Easy foldable base and frame
  • Quality mat with yellow edge safety indicator
  • Jumbo springs which are secured onto the frame
  • 6 spring loaded legs, attached to the frame with steel bolts
  • Optional extra accessories with include: an instruction manual, support bars and a lightweight carry bag so you can train anywhere

*Return policy: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase- we will refund the full cost if re-packed correctly in it’s original packaging and returned to Lisa Raleigh in a new and unused condition- within 7 days of your documented receipt of the unit.  Any and all delivery costs incurred to send and return the  goods must be paid for by the consumer. This refund excludes any and all courier postage costs (for receiving and returning)- and refunds will not be given if the unit has been accidentally or deliberately damaged or amended in any way whatsoever by the consumer.


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