Healthy Food Swaps To Make Now

09 Dec 2018

Thankfully, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to make smarter food choices. Start with these healthy food swaps for brunch.

When it comes to reaching your long-term diet and fitness goals, it’s important to follow a sustainable eating plan that works for you! And this means making healthy food swaps daily.

I’ve experienced first-hand that deprivation and self-punishment don’t work and can lead to unhealthy yo-yo dieting, hormonal imbalances, unstable moods (disordered eating) and massive weight fluctuations. The key is to focus on eating well 80% of the time – where you fill up on healthy, nutritious foods but then allow for the occasional treat 20% of the time and watch your portions.

In fact, when I sit with clients and discuss their preferences for a long-term healthy eating plan, we always factor in non-negotiables that should be accounted for. For example, some people can’t go without cappuccinos, while others need 2 blocks of chocolate daily. In my opinion, it’s okay to have occasional treats as part of a healthy eating plan.

Studies show that a balanced, eating plan with moderate exercise most days of the week has the best results for long-term weight management.

Eat smart with healthy food swaps

Rather than cutting out entire food groups or following fad diets (which will only slow your metabolism in the long-run) start listening to your body and give it what it needs in a balanced, moderate way.

While you don’t have to be pedantic about counting calories, it’s a good idea to fill up on nutritionally dense foods as most of them are lower in saturated fat and calories. Foods like veggies, oats and lean protein will help to ease cravings, balance blood sugar levels and keep you fuller for longer.

Healthy food swaps are a great way to still eat the foods you enjoy, while making your diet instantly better for you. For instance, swapping fruit juice with whole fruit immediately ensures you’re eating less sugar and more fibre, and swapping full cream cheese with cottage cheese cuts the fat and calories in half! Healthy food swaps ensure that you’re choosing healthier, more nutritious foods over unhealthier versions which are often loaded with unnecessary, fat, sugar and calories.

Try these healthy food swaps for brunch and feel satisfied for the rest of the day:

Eat this: Greek yoghurt blueberry waffles at 639 calories

healthy food swaps

Not this: Maple and bacon buttermilk waffles at 1048 calories

healthy food swaps

Why? If you’re following a healthy eating plan, you don’t have to skip waffles altogether, simply choose a healthier option. Make your waffles using a low-sugar or sugar free recipe, hold off on the syrup and use a smaller amount of honey, and top them with low-sugar fruits such as berries, which are also high in antioxidants. Also skip the whipped cream, bacon and switch the sugary orange juice with a Flying fish CHILL LITE and you’ll save a whopping 409 calories which is a meal on it’s own!

Eat this: Wholewheat breakfast wrap with salad at 604 calories

Healthy food swaps

Not this: Toasted dagwood with chips at 1424 calories

Healthy food swaps

Why? Did you know that a toasted dagwood sarmie is one of the unhealthiest breakfast or brunch options out there? It’s loaded with saturated fat, salt, processed meat and unhealthy carbs, and it’s very high in calories (over 1000 to be exact!). Rather ditch the dagwood and opt for a wholewheat wrap packed with healthy fillings such as scrambled egg, red peppers and grilled mushrooms. Also, you’ll save a ton of calories and skip the unnecessary sugar by sipping on a Flying Fish CHILL LITE rather than a sweet ice coffee.

Eat this: Middle Eastern Shakshuka with flatbread at 562 calories

Healthy food swaps

Not this: Mexican breakfast bowl with cheesy quesadilla at 1304 calories

healthy food swaps

Why? This Middle Eastern dish is hearty, filling and good for you. It contains less overall fat and carbs than the Mexican dish which is loaded with sour cream, cheddar cheese and meat (mince) versus the vegetarian Shakshuka base. Even with a flatbread, it’s a healthier option because it’s predominantly a low-fat, plant-based meal with a better macro balance. For example, it contains 1 protein and 1 carb with the rest of the plate loaded with veggies versus 2 proteins and 3 carbs (including the corn, beans and flatbread in the Mexican dish. In addition, if you think ice-tea is a healthy drink, think again. Some varieties are loaded with as much sugar as a standard frizzy drink. Whereas a Flying Fish CHILL LITE is lower in calories, sugar, alcohol and carbs.

Eat this: Half a salmon bagel with cottage cheese and cucumber at 375 calories

Healthy food swaps

Not this: Smoked salmon and creamed cheese croissant at 661 calories

Healthy food swaps

Why? If you’re keen to save calories and stay slim, then it’s best to avoid croissants as they’re high in saturated fat (thanks to the pastry). You could also switch the full-fat cream cheese with low-fat cottage cheese. Although the two are similar, cottage cheese is higher in protein and calcium, but lower in fat, making it a healthier choice. Wine is also higher in sugar and alcohol than a lighter beer such as Flying Fish CHILL LITE, so go for the lighter option and you’ll be making a healthier choice overall.

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