16 Mar 2018

Did you know that plastic straws are among the top 10 items found during beach clean-ups? I didn’t either, but it got me thinking about where all the plastic straws that aren’t collected end up.

As an animal lover, I was horrified by a story of a sea turtle being found with a straw wedged up its nose. The researchers who found it don’t quite know how it got there, but think the turtle may have swallowed the straw, gagged on it, and it went out the wrong way. The problem is, that’s just a drop in the proverbial ocean – sea creatures are dying every day because they’ve ingested plastic in one form or another.

Drinking straws are among the single-use plastic items that are polluting our ocean and if we don’t start being more conscious of our choices, the oceans are going to be more plastic than sea life in just a few years – this isn’t something we want to leave for our children and I believe that changing even the smallest thing can make a big difference and that it starts with us.


Lisa making smoothie“I can’t enjoy my morning smoothie while shunting the kids to school without a straw,” I hear you say. Don’t panic, there will be no lipstick on teeth or smoothies down fronts with these simple, effective and eco-conscious straw options. I’ve tried them all and these are my favorite options that work just as effectively as the plastic version.



Bella drinking from paper strawBella loves these paper straws as they come in fun colours and patterns. Best of all, they are compostable and are ideal for picnics, birthday parties and any occasion when more than a few straws are required.




Lisa drinking from stainless street strawI, on the other hand, am a convert of the stainless steel straw for so many reasons. Firstly, it’s completely washable and reusable so you’re not actually throwing anything away – even paper. You invest once and keep using it continuously and it’s also a super hygienic option that’s easy to wash and even sterilise. I also find the size perfect for the smoothie consistency.





To get started, shop your reusable and biodegradable straws here at Bubbleteashoponline.co.za or the stainless still options at faithfultonature.co.za