Product Review: Have You Tried A Sit/Stand Desk?

03 Dec 2018

We spend so much of our time sitting. Whether it’s at work, in the car or at home, global statistics show that the average working person spends around 13 hours a day in a seated position! Prolonged sitting isn’t good for your health. Period.

I explained why in a recent blog post here. So what’s the solution? A sit/stand desk of course!

Benefits of the sit/stand desk

Medical experts and ergonomic specialists know the damaging effects of sitting for too long, which is why the innovative Humanscale QuickStand Eco (QSE) sit/stand desk is possibly one of the best solutions to address this current health problem.

Although standing desks have been around for centuries, (Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa from his standing desk?), ergonomic specialists have refined and modernised the concept to offer an interchangeable sit/stand option. Because believe it or not, standing for too long isn’t ideal either as it comes with its own set of health problems. As ergonomist, Josie King (MSc Ergonomics), explains, our bodies are designed to move, and the key is to create a working or home environment where you have the chance to change positions as often as you like.

The genius Humanscale QuickStandEco

I’ve spent a good few months testing out my brand new QSE and I love it because it has so many set-up options to suit just about any workspace or project. Plus, it allows me to have an active workspace, even if I’m busy with a task that requires a lot of writing and concentration. In fact, the simple act of transitioning from sitting to standing, and then back to sitting again helps to clear my head as it boosts blood circulation and allows me to breathe better and move more throughout my day. My assistant also uses it from time to time and she says it has helped tremendously to relieve her lower back pain and improver her posture while she’s working.

I’ve stood while consulting with clients (to record their weight, measurements etc.) and I’ve sat to capture all the data, record results and write up wellness programmes. There are also times where I need to work with two screens and I just love that I can easily set this up from my QSE, without having to leave my workspace. This state-of-the-art, sit/stand desk is the perfect solution for me and I think you should give it a try too. I promise, once you get into the habit of changing positions regularly, you’ll wonder how you sat, glued to your seat, for so long!

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Here are a few of the set-up options you can create with the QSE. They’re all simple to set up and super-comfortable:

Position 1: QuickStand Eco laptop version

Benefit: Whether you’re working with a laptop or documents, this set up allows you to raise and lower your work surface to a comfortable height whilst effortlessly moving between sitting and standing.

Bonus: As you can see below, the QSE Is compatible with any laptop, notepad or MacBook. I use my MacBook when I consult with clients because my software is linked to my Tanita Body Composition monitor.

Position 2: QuickStand Eco single with notebook holder

sit stand desk

sit stand desk

Benefit: The separate notebook holder allows me to raise my MacBook or any other laptop to a more comfortable height. A separate keyboard and mouse help to keep my arms at the correct height for both sitting or standing. If I’m working solely on a laptop, I don’t have to hunch over to look at the screen all day.

Position 3: QuickStand Eco dual with notebook holder

sit stand desk

Benefit: This is ideal if you need to work with two monitors. I use this when I’m working on multiple things at once, such as monitoring my social media and email on one screen and managing my e-store on another.

Position 4: QuickStand Eco single screen with laptop as CPU 

Benefit: I use this position if I’d like to work off one single, larger screen using my laptop as a docking station. Having a separate keyboard and mouse allows me to keep my arms at the correct height. Sitting or standing is now effortless, with no strain on my neck or shoulders. Bonus!

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