What is Rebounding?

Rebounding is:

  • The flexible, affordable, fun – and effective – way to get fit.
  • Suitable for all ages, sizes and fitness levels.
  • A fitness modality that lets you train anywhere, on your terms.

Quality is key. Mass-produced rebounders often have a hard and jarring bounce. That means fewer health benefits and higher risk of injury. The Lisa Raleigh Rebounder is the highest quality rebounder available in South Africa, with:

  • A firm and buoyant bounce (not jarring)
  • Foldable frames for portability
  • High quality, strong mats
  • Large, galvanized, wide belly springs for a smoother bounce

In addition to rebounders, Lisa has produced a range of rebounding accessories to help you make the most of your rebounding workouts. These include the one-of-a-kind T-bar, newly introduced to South Africa, and allowing you to intensify and diversify your rebounding workouts.

Browse the full range of Lisa Raleigh rebounders and accessories now on the Lisa Raleigh Online Boutique.

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