“Rebounding has changed my life in so many ways. It’s made me fitter, stronger, healthier and happier. You just can’t help but smile every time you bounce! Although I’ve always used a rebounder, it was only after having my daughter Bella, that I discovered what a miracle exercise it truly is – and I began to bounce most days of the week. Just a few minutes of rebounding a day helped me to regain strength in my core and pelvic floor, I lost my baby weight with minimal effort, and I worked muscles I didn’t even know I had!

Plus, I felt healthier and more energised than I had in years, even in the throes of sleep deprivation with a new baby! This is because of rebounding’s powerful detoxing benefits. Because your lymph system relies on movement to work properly, rebounding gives it a real boost by pumping lymph through the body faster, thereby excreting all unwanted toxins. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite…bonus!

In all my years of experience as a wellness expert, I can honestly say that rebounding offers one of the most effective, full body workouts you can do because it works every single cell and muscle in your body. And the best news is, it’s for anyone and everyone, young and old, fit or unfit!

Rebounding continues to inspire me in more ways than one, which is why I started to develop my own series of safe, fun and challenging rebounding workouts, so you can join me on my rebounding journey and reap the same benefits as I have. So, c’mon, what are you waiting for? Come and bounce your way to better health. I promise, you won’t look back!”

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What you’ll get:

My fabulous all-in-one kit, which includes everything you need to lose weight, tone up and get fit.

My Starter Kit includes; 1 x rebounder, 2 x resistance bands, a ball, set of 1kg weights and a Lisa Raleigh memory stick with over 50 fabulous workouts downloaded for your convenience!


Yes, it does! Whether you’re a beginner and want to get fit and enjoy all the weight loss benefits, or you’re a seasoned athlete looking to compliment your training programme, with a low-impact, cardio blast workout, I promise you’ll benefit from bouncing on a mini trampoline.

Rebounding is ideal for:

Moms as it’s the ultimate post-preggy workout. It will help you to;

  • Lose weight and tone up
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor (as each bounce works like a Kegel exercise)
  • Regain your core strength
  • Build muscle
  • Feel energised and fight fatigue
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Promote lymph drainage and blood flow (Each bounce stimulates the lymph nodes to pump lymph through the body, making rebounding a potent detoxifier)

Cyclists, swimmers, tennis players, runners, triathletes or cross fit athletes because it will help you to;

  • Recover faster between your regular high-impact activities. (Rebounding boosts blood flow, thus reducing lactic acid production)
  • Ease aching joints. Rebounding is low-impact and kind to muscles and joints while stimulating cellular renewal
  • Relax in between hard exercise sessions. Bouncing regularly slows brainwave activity and synchronises the left and right brain. This helps to calm the mind and improve sleep.
  • Exercise safely after an injury. As it’s low impact, rebounding is safe for arthritis sufferers, those with hip, knee or back problems or ex-competitive athletes looking for a fun, effective workout.

Busy people (which is all of us!) because it’s;

  • Time-efficient – exercise at home, for as little as 5-10 minutes a day
  • Not weather dependant. You can use your indoor exercise trampoline anywhere. No excuses!
  • Affordable – only minimal equipment and NO gym membership needed
  • Fun for the whole family – kids benefit from trampoline exercise too
  • Mobile and simple to do anywhere at any time
  • Private – you can bounce in your pyjamas!
  • An effective strength and cardio workout in one

Beginners who are just starting an exercise regime, because it will help you to;

  • Lose weight safely with minimal impact
  • Have fun while working out so you won’t get bored
  • Slowly and steadily build muscle tone
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Improve the overall appearance of your skin + body
  • Torch fat and calories – rebounding is an effective cardiovascular exercise

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Only two minutes of intense rebounding has the same whole body affect as;

  • 6 minutes of running
  • 10 minutes of swimming
  • 22 minutes of power walking

PLUS: Unlike other activities, rebounding benefits your entire body with each bounce and stimulates every cell, organ and muscle in the body, including your bones, heart and lymphatic system.


Astronauts lose bone and muscle mass in space and need to regain their strength quickly once they return to earth. NASA scientists discovered that jumping on a mini trampoline (for just 10 minutes), requires more effort than jogging but with no negative impact on the joints. Rebounding works the body twice as hard to defy gravity (thanks to the forces of acceleration and deceleration) and this helps to build strength and increase bone density in as little as 12 weeks.

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You might be wondering why my Lisa Raleigh rebounder is a little pricier than some other rebounders you see in stores. The truth is, I’ve collaborated with the experienced team over at Rebound SA to bring you the best quality rebounder in SA.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, durable and top-quality product, here’s what makes my Lisa Raleigh Rebounder a cut above the rest:

It’s portable and easy to store. The spring-loaded legs can be folded in half, thanks to two steel hinges, and it comes with an optional carry bag, making it simple to transport or store away.

It’s all about the bounce! The Lisa Raleigh Rebounder is solid, stable and has a superior spring system to a traditional trampoline, which allows you to bounce perfectly - not too hard or too soft. The surface absorbs most of the impact, which also supports your ankles and joints.

It’s completely silent. When you purchase a Lisa Raleigh Rebounder, you get a small pot of grease together with your manual. All it takes is 5 minutes to grease your rebounder and you can bounce anywhere – in front of the TV, next to your sleeping baby or in the bedroom for an early morning workout which won’t disturb anyone else.

It’s made with safety in mind. In addition to your Lisa Raleigh user manual, complete with guidelines and tips on how to bounce etc. the Lisa Raleigh rebounder also comes with an optional support bar which you conveniently attach to the rebounder, as well as a bright yellow mat edge indicator.



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"I’ve been rebounding for two months now and I’m absolutely loving it. Having been very active all my life, going to gym and training played a big part in my life. I literally ran 7km — 10km five times a week. After I turned 45, I began experiencing mild pain in my right knee, the pain got worse to such an extent that I stopped training completely. I eventually had surgery on my knee and was advised by my doctor to stop all running and weight training, as the wear and tear on my knee would result in me having a total knee replacement. I was totally devastated, but through social media I read about Lisa Raleigh’s rebounder. I immediately got one and can proudly say that my life has changed since then. Rebounding is without a doubt the most effective exercise, it strengthens and works every part of my body, without the strain on my joints, especially my knees. Due to the low impact, I haven’t experienced any joint pain since I started rebounding. Just 30 minutes on the rebounder burns more calories than running for 60 minutes on a treadmill. To top it off, I can now gym in the comfort of my home which is a huge plus as I no longer spend two hours at the gym, which means I have more time with my family. Rebounding has become a big part of my life, it’s fantastic!"

Yasmine Johnson


"4 months ago I started on a journey to become fit and healthy in 2018.

Partnering with Lisa Raleigh as my wellness coach was probably the best thing for me.

I started off with a 10 day elimination cleanse which took away 8 of the major food groups in my diet for those 10 days. This was the first step and the hardest, my emotions ran so high craving the sugar and protein, but coming out of the cleanse felt amazing, I’d overcome my cravings, something I could never do in the past, even the sugar craving had completely dissipated.

Following the 10 days was the reintroduction phase which proved to be tougher than expected as you slowly brought back the foods you’d left behind one at a time. This process allowed me to realize that my body doesn’t like bread as it made me feel bloated so cutting out the starchy foods for good has become part of my goal.

Now I’m on the Mediterranean eating plan as a long term change, I feel the difference having cut out the things my body does not need. And for it I’m happier, way more energetic and lighter!

Rebounding has also become a big part of my life, it’s how I start every day. One of the most enjoyable workouts I’ve ever experienced. Lisa has taught me so much in such a short space of time!"

Naadiya Adams, 26



Im Annéke, I’ve been following Lisa’s rebounding workouts for the past 2 months and I wish I started sooner! Her workouts are super convenient since a whole bunch of various workouts are all on a memory stick that you can plug into any device to do anytime, anyplace and they are easy to follow and excellent quality!

Furthermore I am a runner and the rebounder is my saving grace on days when the weather isn’t nice or I just don’t feel like a run - I still manage to get a proper workout in in the comfort of my own home! I look forward to continue my journey with Lisa and rebounding especially since I’m looking to have a baby in the near future and it will be perfect to maintain my fitness throughout my pregnancy when running becomes to high impact."



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Each workout is designed with guided pop ups for next moves, timers for rest and move periods as well as the choice of local music and voice prompts or a silence function to plug in your own playlist.


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