Elimin8 programme


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So often, our bodies can’t function optimally, as they’re too busy processing refined foods and filtering out toxins through the liver and kidneys. If you’re looking to eliminate these unwanted toxins, power through a weight-loss plateau and replenish your system with important nutrients, then give my Elimin8 programme a try. It’s designed to give your body a break and the chance to recharge, while making you look and feel better than ever!

This effective 10-day cleanse includes;

  • An eating plan focused on removing 8 food sources that may cause irritations and are usually eaten in excess.
  • An in-depth guide, with daily support to help you cleanse your body, prepare food and cook delicious meals that won’t make you feel deprived or hungry!

You can also supplement your programme with my Elimin8 kit, complete with healthy food substitutes, available here.


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